Collection: Spring + Summer 2023


Out of the Sea 

Sparking major nostalgia, our SS ‘23 collection, “Out of the Sea,” represents a few of my favorite sandy white beaches, pinpointed places on the map, and memories worth sharing. It also tells stories of life, art, and iconic pop-culture we love to romanticize. These memories remain locked away in my head and my heart like intangible treasures under the sea…until now. 

This collection is also inspired by one of my personal favorite American traditions, Spring Break. They just don’t make em like they used to! These traditions we had ten plus years ago simply do not exist anymore. We lived in a special time when technology was present, but not life-consuming. This is a mere hat tip and celebration of those “Livin’ La Vida Loca” times.

I am so proud to introduce a new splash of aquatic colors and designs anchored by one idea and one mission this season: “To have a good time all the time.” These cozy and light-weight threads will not disappoint as your go-to gear. 

Dive in! The crewnecks are soft, and the water’s just right!

Keep it cozy,


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